Addiction Rehab in Toronto: How Fear of Success and Failure can Affect Recovery

So many factors go into determining how successfully you are going to complete your addiction rehab in Toronto, but even after you have gone through the process, you still need to follow a strict pattern to avoid losing your newfound sobriety. So many fears can sabotage your achievements, but you need to stay in control of things and ensure that you do not let fear of success or fear of failure derail your recovery. Here is how these fears can play a role.

Fear of Failure

It is common to have fear of failure every time you embark on a new journey. The same holds true when you start your sober life. It is natural to feel worried about things not working out as per you have planned and you slipping into the pits of addiction once again. However, it is also common to think about you failing at living a peaceful and successful life after you are out of an addiction rehab in Toronto. You may be thinking that people are not going to love or even like a recovering addict. You may not be able to get back to your old job after completing the treatment because of your addiction becoming known. Well, the list of things going wrong is nearly endless, but you need to take your time and decide what you want in life.

Sometimes, what you think as failure is not failure in the real sense. Instead of thinking about things going wrong, think about how getting clean can help you start a new life and explore new opportunities. If you can survive a rehab, no hardship in life can keep you from becoming successful. Do not look down upon yourself; you have completed a rehab successfully and that is something not everyone can achieve. Therefore, it is important to avoid thinking too much about failure and never let it become a constant companion.

Fear of Success

Many people do not realize it but fear of success can also haunt you and keep you confused all the time. People with this fear think that they have achieved success because of they were being lucky. It means that you may think that you have completed your rehab just because you were in the right place at the right time and not because you deserved it or actually planned for it. Again, selling yourself short is never a good thing to do and not enjoying your achievements is only going to hurt you in the long-run.

In case of recovering from an addiction, you need to understand that you have successfully completed the rehab because you have done the hard work. If you keep thinking that you do not deserve to succeed, you are never going to put in your full effort and that can keep you from living a healthy life. Fear of success can also hurt you in other ways, like it makes you think that you will not be able to handle success. Do not let such thoughts cross your mind and work with a professional to ensure that you stay sober long after recovery.

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