Google announces making Google Penguin Algorithm Real Time

Google, the largest search engine, has finally confirmed officially in their Google Webmaster Blog that they have ultimately started rolling out their most coveted real time algorithm. Google is calling it Penguin 4.0. In fact, they have confirmed the report that this is the last Penguin update that they are doing as the Penguin update is going to be done on a real time basis.    There will be no Confirmation of Penguin Update in the Future

Google has made it official that because of the real-time nature of the Penguin algorithm no comments will be done on future refreshes. However, there seems to be confusion among search engine buffs regarding the meaning of “real-time refresh” concept. This real time aspect means that the signals received by the algorithm just after crawling and re-indexing pages, the same will be utilised in the Penguin update immediately.

In fact, that same approach has also been followed in case of Panda updates too. This is the most important news a SEO agency in India must know about.

Timeline of Google Penguin Update

The first Penguin update (1.0) was done on April 24, 2014, followed by 1.1 update on May 22, 2012 and 1.5 on October 5, 2012. Two more updates Penguin 2.0 and 2.1 took place in 2013. While 2.0 happened in October 4, 2013, the next took place on October 4, 2013. Penguin 3.0 took place in October 18, 2014 and the last ever announced Penguin update (4.0) took place on September 23, 2016. The other updates will take place but will be done on a real time basis.

Penguin 4.0 is more granular now and is definitely Real Time

Google has said it in clear word that they are still in the process of rolling out Penguin 4.0 and that’s why the full impact couldn’t be seen in full bloom yet. However, the rolling out will not take a lot of time too, as some SEO experts have starting to make others believe.

The largest search engine has written categorically about two aspects and they are:

  • Ushering in of the real time phenomenon – The affected list of websites due to Penguin update are refreshed on a periodic manner. The process took a lot of time for sites to get out of the problems once hit by Penguin. Even after a webmaster has made significant improvements in a site and made a better presence online, it took a lot of time for the update to actually take place. Until and unless a Penguin refresh takes place, the improvements done by the sites won’t show. This caused lot of losses for the sites. With the announcement of real-time Penguin, these problems are done away with. As Penguin will now be refreshed on a real time basis, any positive change that takes place in the site will be considered by the Penguin algorithm instantaneously or with the recrawling and re-indexing of pages. This also means that no further announcements of Penguin algorithm updates/refreshes will be announced by Google. Thus, SEO agencies in India, keep this information in mind.

  • More granular – This is a great change that Google has brought after a long pending demand of the site owners. Earlier, Google used to hit the entire website in the ranking on the basis of the spam signals. However, now the spam is devalued through adjustment of ranking that is based on signals of spam only. The entire site doesn’t get affected anymore. This means that Penguin has become more granular now. Though the “granular” concept is a bit confusing, it seems to suggest that Penguin impact will be now limited to specific pages related to spam only. However, now only specific pages will only face the ire of Penguin and not the entire website.

Description: Google search engine has seen many changes in the past 10 years and this has completely changed the face of SEO and its techniques. The changes in the Google algorithm, especially after Panda and Penguin update, affected the ranks and authorities of websites in numbers.

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