How can Web Design impact CRO massively

Whatever a designer does with respect to its web design is either to make the site live or make it more usable for visitors or users. The ultimate thing that a web designer should do is increase the conversion rate by creating a design accordingly. Though the tweaking can be minor, it can increase conversion significantly.Example of Web Design Tweaking for increasing Conversion

One of the major examples of web design leading to increased conversion is certainly upgrade of a button. In fact, colour changes can also impact convertibility significantly. These changes made by a web design company in India may seem small but its repercussion effects on consumers can be enormous. Each of the ingredients a web designer uses can have enormous effect on the consumer behaviour with respect to your displayed product.

More Examples of Web Design affecting Conversion rate

An infographics company named Venngage was trying to change colours of various webpage ingredients for noticing the changes in consumer behaviour. They changed “upgrade” button’s colour from orange to green. In two days time the conversion rates dropped significantly, to the extent of 30 per cent.  Once this phenomenon was recorded, the colour was reverted back from green to orange. Once this was done, the conversion rate became normal again and a minor increase in blog traffic was also recorded. Per Unbounce, orange colour is mostly a highly clickable colour. This is the reason why the propensity to click the button increases when the colour change is done from green to orange.

Which methods to follow in Web Design for Increasing Conversion rate?

There are 3 major ways through which conversion rates can be improved and in this section those aspects are discussed –

Use of one Call-to-Action

There are many web designing companies in India who go for multiple call-to-actions to increase conversion rate. However, in reality a single and major call to action can save the day for a site.

The idea behind using a single call to action is very simple. They don’t want to overwhelm their users with lots of offers and actions. They simply want their users to navigate through the site or page and click on a single button to get the offer the sites are offering. When a web designer crams a page with loads of action buttons, there is a high chance of visitors to bounce back because of the simple fact that they become confused. A success story was that of Whirlpool. They decreased their conversion rate buttons from 4 to 1 and miraculously their CRO increased by 42 per cent.

Simple and Flat Design

This design type clicks with the target audience, thereby increasing the conversion rate of the site. When a web design service goes for a simplistic and flat design, the designers are basically choosing practicality as well as necessity.

Speed Matters

For web designing in India, a web designing company must see that the loading time of a site or web page remains low. Loading time is very important from the perspectives of both user experience and Google search engine ranking. Loading time of a web page is nothing but the time taken to open up. If a site takes too much time to open up, the user could move on and end up in the competitor’s site. To make the page load faster, it is always desirable to avoid use of fancy CSS and Javascript. Until and unless it is at all necessary, try to avoid use of fancy whistles, bells, and other kinds of animations in the pages as they may make the page heavy.

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