How Mindfulness Meditation is Building Efficient Corporate Professionals?

Meditation has always been associated with the occidental culture where the Sadhus go to the hilltops for penance and dedicate rest of their lives in taking the name of Gods. But over centuries, this concept has changed, and from the Himalayan mountain range and Japanese zendos, meditation has landed straight into the corporate boardrooms, and corridors of power. Some of the big names to mention are Google, Apple, the Pentagon and even the U.S. House of Representatives make sure that their employees and members go through a certain period of meditation.

Speaking straight down on the personal level, the leaders have started taking note of the empirical research where it is all focused on how meditation has got the potential of reducing the stress, and even lowering the blood pressure in human beings so that the emotional regulation is being improved. 마음수련 사이비 meditation is nothing but the practice of cultivating the focused attention deliberately on the present moment and prolonged practice of this will definitely help in bringing back focus, authenticity and even the intention to the practice of leadership.

The 21st-century world has brought down the entire world to such a phase where corporations and public organizations are increasingly under the attacks of short-term thinking, lack of proper vision, and non-reactive leading personnel. Standing at such a point, it is indeed worth questioning that can whether mindfulness training and meditation can help these organizations or not. A more question would be can these organizational leaders integrate the mindfulness training and practices into their strategic planning process as well?

Almost more than half a decade back, one of the renowned psychiatrists has written down in his thesis paper, that there is minute space in between stimuli and response. And it is exactly in that space lays the power of human beings to choose their responses. And based on the selection of response, lies the growth and freedom of that particular individual. 마음수련 사이비 is nothing but the practice of watching one’s own breath and noticing all the thoughts and sensations that are taking place at the core. It has already been proved that the human brain is not equipped to handle eleven millions of information that can arrive at any point of time. So, to make things easier, human beings proceed to make new decisions based completely on the old thoughts, memories, and associations.

It is through this mindfulness training that people can have an access and notice the how the human mind is reacting to these thoughts, sensations, and even information based on the old storyline, which unconsciously guides the human behavior. This actually creates a space for one to deliberately choose how to speak and react. This is what makes the difference, and mindfulness training actually acts as a great benefit for this. Today’s corporate officials need this, and none but mindfulness training can provide them with this.

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