The Secret to Winningover Your Customers: Phone Etiquettes

It won’t be wrong to say that customer service has grown drastically over the last few years and has developed into one of the most integral parts of any business establishment. It’s not just an extended arm of a business but is being considered as the heart of it. Recent years have seen the dawn of consumer intelligence and awareness. As a result of this, companies have been starting putting in extra efforts to retain the trust of their existing clients while acquiring that of new ones.

One inseparable part of customer service has to be inbound calls. Even in today’s digital age, customers prefer to pick up their phones and call the service centre at times of need. This is a very critical point for the company as by serving the customer well they can win over his trust, however, even the slightest mistake is enough to tarnish the image of the brand. The major issue which rests with inbound calls is that it’s initiated by customers. The varied nature of this call is its biggest challenge. It can be a query, order, complaint, request or any other thing and the agents are expected to be knowledgeable enough to give adequate replies in a timely manner.

It doesn’t matter how conversant and proficient an agent is, if he/she fails to display basic human manners, then the customer would be annoyed for sure. At times of need, the last thing a customer wants is a representative’s insensitive replies. Phone etiquettes don’t just help in ensuring that the conversation with the customer goes smoothly, in fact, it ensures that image of the brand is improved manifolds.

  • Sensitivity:
    The importance of this particular attribute can’t be emphasised upon enough. Sensitivity is the foundation of all etiquettes prevalent in call centres. Something as simple as showing courtesy and avoiding any hurt to the sentiments of the caller can take you a long way. Within a few seconds into the conversation and the customer will be able to understand how sensitive the representative is. Focus on this and ensure that your agents exhibit compassion and sensitivity towards the needs, requests, queries and complaints of customers.
  • Patience:
    This has to be a no-brainer. Hearing customers out and giving them sufficient time to speak their thoughts is a vital part of any efficient inbound call. Your agents shouldn’t be quick to respond and by no means should they interrupt the caller under any condition. Showing patience won’t just help an angry customer let his frustration out, but it would also show him that your company cares. Sometimes customers want something more than suggestions and that is patience.
  • Empathy:
    If there is only one quality which you should look for while hiring agents for inbound call centres, then it should be this one. Under no circumstance should the customer feel that the agent is doing him/her a favour. In fact, the agents should be taught that the customer is doing a favour to the company by giving them a chance to improve and showing interest in their offerings. Keeping oneself in other person’s shoes is the best ability that humans are blessed with. By showing empathy a representative won’t just provide great services to the client, but would also ensure that a better image of the brand is created in the eyes of the caller.
  • Understand the importance of caller’s time:
    Sometimes agents end up extending an inbound call to great lengths. The essence is lost somewhere in long calls and customer gets extremely agitated with the same as they feel that their precious time is getting wasted.A response needs to be provided in a quick manner and if there is something which includes numerous processes, then it’s better to inform the customer about it. This will ensure that the customer knows about further steps and is ready to wait until the solution is found.

Inbound call etiquettes are a vital, yet ignored, aspect of every business establishment. Everyone likes to converse with a well-mannered individual and customers are no different. The four essentials of phone etiquettes mentioned above are a necessity in today’s day and age. Always remember that the interaction between an inbound call centre agent and a customer is not a communication with the employee, but with the organisation itself.

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